2024 Ministry Plan at First Baptist

2024 Ministry Plan at First Baptist

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2024 Pledge Card

Dear Church Family,

This year, we move forward in new ministries, with the Holy Spirit’s wind at our back! You have dreamed and discerned. You have stepped out in faith, reshaping our ministries for a bright, new future in partnership with our sister church, Chatham Heights Baptist Church.

We have grown our ministry staff to bring expertise and leadership to new areas. We have expanded our Early Learning Center. We have thought wisely about our present and our future through studying and implementing our ReShape initiatives.

As we head into a celebratory 140th year of First Baptist Church of Martinsville, we do so with the Holy Spirit breathing new life into us. Just as God breathed life into humanity, so God’s Spirit breathes new life into our souls as we continue to minister together in Christ’s name.

We will need everyone to prayerfully join with us and with God’s Holy Spirit in generously giving of our resources in order to live into our shared mission and ministry.

FBC’s Commitment Sunday is November 19, 2023. If you haven’t received a pledge card and would like one to commit yourself for a certain financial amount next year (which helps us to plan our budgets year by year), you can request one from the church office to be mailed or emailed, or you may print one by clicking the link above. Send our Financial Secretary Kaylee White an email by clicking here.

Prayerfully, we ask you:

  1. Can you increase your support so your church can expand in ministry this coming year?
  2. Or – if you have never given to First Baptist’s ministries or haven’t in awhile: Can you commit yourself to supporting the ministries of this church in the coming year, both financially and in time and service?

The 2024 church budget was approved at the October 29, 2023 business meeting. In the brochure linked above, we share our 2024 Ministry Plan that shows how the line items in our budget translate into tangible ministry. How do your financial gifts make a difference in our mission?

The best way to help us plan well is to fill out a pledge card to let us know you’ve joined in as a committed giver in 2024. This year’s pledge card allows you to not only pledge the amount of financial resources you prayerfully commit to the church, but also allows you to pledge the ways in which you commit to join us with time and talents in ministry as well. But whether you pledge or not, we ask that you prayerfully consider increasing your generous giving for the 2024 ministry year at Frist Baptist.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

In Christ,

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