FBC Kids Children’s Sunday School- Now In Person!

FBC Kids Children’s Sunday School- Now In Person!

We value children and youth as part of the church today, and not simply as future participants. Children and youth should be encouraged to grow in faith through education and spiritual formation.

While parents join in on our Journey Small Group at 9:30AM on Sundays, children are invited at that same time to be a part of an in-person Children’s Sunday School hour.

This time of learning happens in the Church Nursery / Children’s Sunday School area with a minimum of two teachers. The nursery workers and volunteer teachers have age-appropriate curriculum and adequate play areas for children to learn at their own levels, engaging in understanding Bible stories through activities like music, coloring, reading books, art, and more.

Children of all ages are welcome, and as the program grows, the age groups will be split according to developmental learning abilities.

Learn more about FBC’s GROWING Children’s ministry, FBC Kids here.

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