ELC Spanish Classes – 2023-2024

ELC Spanish Classes – 2023-2024

FBC ELC Pre-K3, Pre-K4/5 & After School Spanish Classes Begin The Week of November 6th

FBC’s own Juli Cespedes Ramirez, Teacher

We at FBC ELC want to give our children an early start to their development, setting them up for success in school and in life. Because of this, we offer not only an a in-class preschool curriculum, but also opportunities to learn music, art, science and reading through partnerships with First Baptist Church (music/art), the Virginia Museum of Natural History (science), MHC Partners for Children, along with the Virginia Department of Education (Early Literacy), and the Blue Ridge Regional Library (reading/storytime).

Beginning the week of November 6th, we will be offering Spanish language classes at FBC ELC for our PreK3, PreK4/5, and after school classes. For $5 per week, children will have 45 minutes of Spanish language immersion with a native Spanish speaker, learning with a curriculum designed for preschool-aged children.

Learning a language at an early age is the best time to learn a second language! Children under the age of 6 have higher brain plasticity, learning through interaction, songs, and play, and imitating sounds as they do with their native language. Young children also have fewer inhibitions and are more likely to take risks without worrying about being corrected.

Learning a second language brings many benefits to childhood development, including: enhancing core cognitive skills like reasoning, problem solving, and memory; improved listening skills; stronger vocabulary; better communication skills; greater confidence; improved communication and intercultural skills; and eventually as children continue to learn through school-enhanced opportunities for employment.

FBC ELC is excited to announce that Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes will begin Art classes with Mary Lewis Johnston on September 12th. Our preschoolers will be exploring art from every aspect, so they will dress for a mess on art class days! Art aprons and supplies will be provided for these classes.

Meet the Teacher

Juli Cespedes Ramirez is a Dominican-Italian citizen living in Martinsville. She can speak Spanish, Italian, and English. Juli holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting-CPA and also has studied Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, and computing.

But Juli’s real passion is working with children. Juli is employed as a Nursery Worker for First Baptist Church, and she now is excited about joining our Early Learning Center to teach Spanish. Following in the footsteps of her father who was a teacher for 36 years, she is excited to help our ELC children learn a second language!


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