FBC Kids

We value children and youth as part of the church today, and not simply as future participants. Children and youth should be encouraged to grow in faith through education and spiritual formation, provided to them in age-appropriate ways.

Children and youth who come to First Baptist will find a second family of grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, to nurture them. Families with all ages of children and youth are welcome here, and with our wonderful congregation’s seasoned Christian educators, you know your child will be in excellent care for their faith journey!

From dedicating babies to God and their church family, to teaching Bible stories to preschool and elementary-aged children through play and other age-appropriate learning styles, to walking children and youth through the spiritual process of choosing to follow Jesus, we believe that our work as a church family is to love children and their families and help nurture faith in positive and meaningful ways. We believe in helping families grow together in faith at home as well, and our staff and volunteers will provide resources and opportunities to learn about this regularly.

As we enter a season of new growth, we would love to have you and your family alongside us.

Come GROW with us!

FBC Kids on Sundays

Sunday School

FBC Kids holds a Children’s Sunday School hour in the Church Nursery with two teachers. Children of all ages are welcome, and as the program grows, the age groups will be split according to developmental learning abilities. The nursery workers and volunteer teachers have age-appropriate curriculum and adequate play areas for children to learn at their own levels, engaging in understanding Bible stories through activities like music, coloring, reading books, art, and more.

Worship Care / Nursery

During the worship hour, the church nursery is available for childcare for the whole hour or a partial hour (leaving the worship service early). Staffed by a minimum of two nursery care workers, the worship care hour can accommodate infants to children aged 5 years.

Children’s Worship

Children are a welcome part of worship at First Baptist Church. Parents can have their children present in the Sanctuary for all or part of the worship hour at 11AM each Sunday. Children are provided worship bags to help them focus on the service in their own ways. Then, midway through the service, children will have a special time of music and learning with the ministers, and after that time, children under age 6 are welcome to continue in worship with their parents or go with our nursery workers to an age-appropriate time of learning in Children’s Church. Staffed by two teachers/caregivers, this time of worship for children will help children to understand worship, grow in faith, and get ready to spend the full hour in worship with their parents.

New Children & Youth Ministries

Come GROW with us!

FBC Kids Children’s Ministry

Children who attend First Baptist Church Early Learning Center or First Baptist Church’s regular church activities are taught about faith on their level, learning how to worship God, how to love God and neighbor, and how to serve others in God’s name. As we grow our ministry to children, we are providing care and education at age-appropriate levels to grow children’s faith. We’d love to be a part of your child’s faith journey. Come GROW with us!

Youth Ministry

Through new ministries like outreach to our local school systems through music and service and getting to know our neighbors and their middle and high school children, First Baptist plans to begin a youth ministry that is as authentic and vibrant as we have had in the past. Do you want to join with us, learning and serving along the way? Come GROW with us!

Your Children are SAFE Here

Children & Youth Protection Policy

First Baptist Church (FBC) is committed to providing a church environment that is a safe place for children and youth and that will protect them from any abuse when they are involved in the FBC Early Learning Center (ELC), Sunday School, and various youth and other church related activities. FBC has adopted Children & Youth Protection Policies and Procedures to maximize safety and prevent child abuse and neglect from occurring within its church community.

Parents can rest assured that at First Baptist Church all nursery care workers, teachers, and ministerial staff have had background checks and been trained on our policies and procedures.

Adequate supervision will be provided for the age and number of children’s present, and we have procedures to handle any issues that may come up in the care and faith growth of the children in our church and Early Learning Center.

Click below to read through our policies and procedures, which are provided to every worker with youth and children, reviewed, and signed by all staff.

Children & Youth Protection Policies & Procedures

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