Pastor Update 4-29-2020

Pastor Update 4-29-2020

Dear Church Family,

We are now over 6 weeks into quarantine, 6 weeks away from one another and in-person gatherings, and we know that we are likely 6 weeks still until the stay-at-home order lifts and we are able to gather again. Our Coordinating Council agreed in a recent meeting we would continue to abide by the governor’s executive order and continue to meet virtually until at least June 10th.

So many of us are missing all we were able to do and be before this pandemic, and our Coordinating Council discussed what it might look like for us to try a few new things in this season to bring us together. In the coming weeks, you’ll get a chance to join us in the following ways:

  • Continued Virtual Worship Online and by Phone. The new online link is available and will be in our weekly email. (Don’t get our emails? Click here to sign up!) We have also added a NEW Toll-Free phone number to call, as some members do not have long-distance plans on their home phones. The call now will be free to you! 1-833-548-0276, Meeting ID 276-632-6336#, #. For Communion Sundays, like May 3, you can come by the church office and pick up a prepackaged communion cup and wafer at the front door Wednesday-Friday 10AM to 2PM, or just use whatever you have at home to join us for virtual communion.
  • New Sunday School Hour at 9:45 AM. Our Sunday School classes will meet together via Zoom conferencing each Sunday morning before worship. Log on with your smartphone or tablet (need Zoom app), computer (just click link), or call in on the phone using the same toll-free number listed above. We will have a rotating group of teachers from the different Sunday School classes, and we will follow the Smyth & Helwys Formations. All are welcome to join so we can see each other’s faces, hear each other’s voices, and share in a time of study together.
    • Our Lesson this week is entitled The Spirit Descends
      Scripture: Luke 3:15-22
      Central Question: “What can we expect when the Holy Spirit Comes?”
  • Virtual Midweek Check-In. Our Wednesday night Midweek Check-In will meet each Wednesday at 7:00PM via Zoom. We will pray for our church family, fellowship, and have a time of devotion. Log on using your smart phone, tablet, or computer – or call using the number above.
  • Virtual Thursday Morning Bible Study. Rev. John Fulcher continues his Thursday morning Bible study on Zoom at 10:00 AM each Thursday morning. Click the link to join or call in using the number above!
  • Missions Opportunities. Click here to see our Missions Opportunities during the pandemic. Join us however you can!
  • Lagniappe (A Little Something Extra) Music. Our Minister of Music, Becky Collins, will be giving us a little something extra this season from our music ministry. Some music you’ll expect – some you won’t! Our first “mini-concert” of lagniappe (“lan-yap”) music will be aired next Tuesday afternoon at 1:00PM on Zoom (same link and phone number as above). You don’t want to miss this! Click here to read more.
  • Staying Sane Q&A with SABC. Join our sister church, Starling Avenue Baptist, as they host Stephanie Sherrill, Licensed Professional Counselor, on Friday, May 1, 2020 10:30-11:30AM on their Zoom. Click to join the meeting at that time or call their Zoom toll-free number: 1-888-475-4499, Participant ID 276-638-8861#, #

Having trouble with any of our technology? Give us a call! We have staff and church members willing to help you get connected!

Lastly, please stay in prayer for our Personnel Committee as we prayerfully seek our new Financial Secretary. We are beginning initial interviews now and hope God will lead the right person into our path very soon.

We will endeavor to be connected in whatever ways we can as your church family. If you have need of anything, please reach out to the church office, your deacon, or myself. We love you and are here for you!

In Christ,


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