Reach For The Stars Usborne Book Fair 2022

Reach For The Stars Usborne Book Fair 2022

Reach For the Stars Usborne Book Fair

Book Fair will be set up April 19th & April 20th from 4:45pm – 6:00 pm

Tuesday, March 29th we will be launching a school-wide Reach for the Stars challenge! Your child will be challenged to read or be read to for thirty minutes each day (or 15 minutes for babies through preschool) over a three-week period. Our learning center has three goals for this challenge:

1. To create a daily reading habit within the home: it’s no secret, daily reading is the easiest way to set your child up for success!

2. Increase book ownership within the home: book ownership is the #1 indicator of future academic achievement. Having books in their home matters more than where a child lives, parental education level and even household income.

3. Provide our teachers with a well-deserved shopping spree: yes, that’s right! This program will also help provide your child’s classroom with unique and interactive books!

We are excited to bring this reading incentive challenge to the students of FBC ELC and look forward to their excitement and participation! Students will have the option to collect pledges from sponsors to support their daily reading, and 100% of the pledges collected will provide books for your child to have at home! We will have a book fair set at school in the Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, April 19th & Wednesday, April 20th from 4:45pm-6:00pm. Students will be able to shop the Usborne Books and More book fair with 100% of their pledges. The school will be matched 50% of the pledges. So if a student raises pledges and purchases $3,000 in books, our school will get to pick $1,500 in books for our classrooms. For example, If your child collects $100 in pledges, they will choose $100 in books at the book fair. Their teacher will get to choose $50! Parents will be welcome to come in and shop at the book fair themselves on the 19th and 20th.

  • We encourage your child to collect pledges from those most interested in their academic success. A lot of students find success with our 10 for $10 challenge: asking 10 people for a $10 pledge.
  • Please ask sponsors to pledge a flat dollar amount (not per minute) and pledges can start at $1!
  • 100% of the pledges your child collects go directly to your child to select new books.
  • Pledge money must be turned in to your child’s teacher no later than April 15th. 
  • Please make checks payable to “Christina Kinzer”.
  • If parents would like to use a card instead of pledges in the form of cash or check, they can come in person to the book fair during book fair hours and shop the book fair.

*Bedtime stories with Mrs. Christina will be on April 7th and April 14th at 7:30 pm on Facebook Live!

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