Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 14, 2023

Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 14, 2023

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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Sixth Sunday  of Easter

FBC Sanctuary


Virtual Worship

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Scripture includes: Acts 17:22-31 and Luke 24:44-53

Preacher Rev. Dr. Libby Grammer will preach a sermon entitled, “Adaptive Witness”

In our passage from the book of Acts, we hear the Apostle Paul preaching to a group of erudite Athenians. And he presented the Gospel in a way that made sense in the space in which he found himself. Paul connected with his audience as he spoke, parsing the idolatry and superstition with clarity of the presence of God among them. How can we as Christians create space for the meeting of ideas, the finding of common ground, as we share our faith?


Today is the Sixth Sunday of Easter. Easter Sunday was the beginning of the season of Eastertide in the liturgical year. Eastertide is celebrated from Easter Sunday for fifty days, until the day of Pentecost, and focuses on the meaning of Christ’s resurrection. The liturgical color is white, symbolizing light, victory, and eternal life.

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