Senior Pastor

Rev. Libby M Grammer

Rev. Libby Mae Grammer was called as the 12th pastor of our historic congregation in 2018.

Director of Music

Dr. David Lewis

Dr. Lewis has been a member of FBC for many years, and he has volunteered as Director of Music for four years. He will retire from this role in December 2019. Dr. Lewis is a graduate of the Preparatory Department of the Peabody Conservatory of Music and was a music major at Denison University for 2 years before switching to pre-med and ultimately becoming a surgeon. Dr. Lewis was director of the Praise-ringers Handbell Choir at FBC for 20 years. David also plays the violin and will play for services at FBC on occasion.

Worship Assistant

Dr. Ross Gale

Dr. Ross Gale has volunteered as Music Assistant for a number of years at FBC. He grew up in Bassett, Virginia and attended Bassett High School. Upon graduation from Bassett High School, Ross attended the University of Virginia followed by the Medical College of Virginia Dental School. Dr. Gale was in the Army serving as a dentist from 1971-1974. Then, Dr. Gale spent the rest of his career practicing dentistry in Collinsville, Virginia. Ross retired in 2009. Ross has a great love for art and music. He enjoys being a part of the FBC music program.


Baxter Jennings

Baxter Jennings is a 1983 graduate of James Madison University and has been the organist for First Baptist Church Martinsville of Martinsville since June 2007. In his hometown of Danville, he also accompanies George Washington High School and Westwood Middle School choirs, traveling and singing all over the east coast. He has accompanied the Drama Department of Dan River High School, the Little Theatre of Danville and various instrumental ensembles.

Church Librarian

Dottie Lewis

Dorothy Goodman Lewis, better known to everyone as Dottie, has been a member of this church since she was nine years old. Baptized by the renowned Dr. James P. McCabe, she grew up with the equally renowned Dr. Chevis F. Horne. Her preprofessional life began after she graduated form Westhampton College of the University of Richmond. After being a classroom teacher for several years and retiring to have a family, she returned to school at Old Dominion University to become a school librarian. When she and her husband came back to Martinsville upon his retirement from the Navy, they picked up life at First Baptist. For years Dottie worked with then librarian, Lola T. Kesler, who served the church for over 30 years. When the beloved Mrs. Kesler passed away, Dottie became librarian. Over her 45 years working in libraries, Dottie has been active in many professional library associations – most recently with the former Church and Synagogue Library Association and currently with the Virginia Church Library Assoc. She has taught many workshops on library skills, served on boards of these organizations, and mentored many librarians and would-be-librarians. She and the library staff are currently converting the more than 6000 items to a digital database.

Administrative Assistant

Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor has been in the Administrative Assistant at FBC Martinsville since 2017. She has lived in Martinsville all her life and has been a member at FBC since 1986. Mary enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her family.

Financial Secretary

Renee Fulcher

Renee is our financial secretary, overseeing the books for the church and the FBC Early Learning Center since 1999. Renee is a blackbelt martial artist and loves to golf.

Early Learning Center Director

Beth Kotchish

Beth has worked in our Early Learning Center for more than 40 years and for the last 20 years has served as its Director, responsible for the ministry’s day-to-day operations. Beth has two Carolina Boston Terriers, Ellie Mae and Pete.

Support Staff

Kenny Smith

Kenny secures the church grounds from day-to-day. He is extremely knowledgeable and will often be found reading at the local library.

Maintenance Technician

Ted Hatcher

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