Who We Are

First Baptist Church, Martinsville is a community of faith committed to Christ and his call to love God and one another. We gather to worship, study, eat, pray, celebrate, mourn, share our stories and bless our community, all with the conviction that God has called us together to share in this journey of faith, hope, and love. We also value being your local, city church. We are engaged in ministry to our community, and we would love to have you serving alongside us.

Established in 1884,

our congregation strikes a unique chord in the Baptist tradition. We value both ancient and contemporary Christian practices that inform our present faith and mission. Liturgical worship is common in our sanctuary service and lectionary preaching is typical, but you will also find that life at First Baptist is not stuck in the past. Instead, we strive continually to discover the hope-filled future that God invites us to. We also offer an outdoor, relaxed service where all in our community are welcome to explore their faith in honest and open ways. God gathers us in so many ways, and we embrace that reality. 

​At First Baptist, we have a great family atmosphere, and we are seeking to be an inter-generational community to serve those of all ages together.

Sharing in love and service to our community is the foundation of all we do, from education to budgets to fellowship to missions work to music. We teach Scripture and theology in relatable ways that are non-judgmental and seek to embrace doubt as part of growth in faith. We value the education and growth of children through our Early Learning Center ministry, as well as our growing children’s ministry. We have excellent musical leadership and congregational talents that are shared in many ways across the ministries of our church.

As we grow our ministries in the years to come, we need you and your dedication to God’s mission to love God and neighbor.

Come, partner with this church to reach people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic statuses with the hope and love of Jesus Christ, knowing that righteousness and justice go hand-in-hand. As the prophet Micah taught us, God asks of all of us “to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” We seek to do just that as a church family.

Come, get to know us if interested in joining with us on this journey! The doors of our church fellowship are always open.

Rev. Dr. Libby M. Grammer, Senior Pastor

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