Who’s My Deacon?

Who’s My Deacon?

Our deacons for 2020 have updated the family ministry plan lists. To find out who your deacon is for 2020, you may contact the church office, or check out the bulletin board in the office hallway beginning January 27th. Your deacon should be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to pray, offer care, and be for you a point of contact with the church. Any time you cannot reach your assigned deacon, our deacons of the month will be glad to provide care as well.

Your deacon will pray for you, encourage you, and offer you spiritual care. You may receive cards or phone calls from your deacon. You may receive a visit. Your deacon is called to minister to you and the other people on their family ministry list. Also, if the pastor is unavailable, the deacons can offer pastoral care. They will lead us in communion worship and offer assistance in other services as well. They can bring communion to you at home, too!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your deacon any time you have a need – they are called to serve and be your friend in Christ.

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