Job Openings

Full-Time Minister of Music and Children

Job Description

First Baptist Church is seeking to hire a Full-Time Minister of Music and Children. The salary for this position is $35,000 to $40,000, depending on education and experience. Current benefits include: employer-paid (90%) health insurance, employer-paid retirement contributions (10% of salary annually), employer-paid life/disability insurance (double annual salary), FICA offset, paid time off (vacation/sick leave/parental leave), sabbatical leave after 7 years, and guaranteed/half-off childcare through our Early Learning Center for children ages 6 weeks to 5th grade.

Martinsville, VA is a low-cost-of-living, small city in SW Virginia (one hour from Roanoke, VA and one hour from Greensboro, NC) where people of all ages come to make their lives – from young families to older adults. Come and join our city and church’s growth!

Application deadline is October 31, 2021, though resumes will be considered immediately upon receipt.

Reports to:  Senior Pastor

Supervises: Musicians, Children’s Ministry Volunteers and Paid Workers

Relates to:  Music Committee, ELC Committee, Children & Youth Ministry Committee, other committees as assigned

Job Summary: The Minister of Music and Children will be responsible for providing leadership in two ways at our small but growing church: 1) The church’s music program, working in conjunction with the Senior Pastor to craft meaningful and transformational worship opportunities for the congregation. 2) The church’s children’s programs, with a focus on reaching children in our Early Learning Center and community.

Primary Music Ministry Duties:

  • Provide leadership to the choirs and musicians in church worship services. This includes weekly worship services, as well as planning and directing music for funerals, weddings, and other special occasions when necessary.
  • Direct the adult choir, recruiting and training choir members.
  • Organize, direct, and/or supervise other choirs and ensembles.
  • Select and supervise the instrumentalists for the worship services and other gatherings.
  • Work with the Senior Pastor in planning and evaluating worship services and other gatherings. Select appropriate anthems and musical pieces for choirs.
  • Manage the music budget alongside the Music Committee.
  • Promote the music ministry of First Baptist Church in our community, working toward growth of our music program for all age groups.
  • Maintain an organized and comprehensive Church Music Library, including the electronic database of titles, dates, etc.
  • Attend appropriate conferences for musical development.
  • Work closely with the Senior Pastor and other church staff to enable the church to fulfill its overall mission.

Primary Children’s Ministry Duties:

  • Manage the Children’s Ministry budget with the Children & Youth Ministry Committee.
  • Engage the First Baptist Church Early Learning Center children through music and religious educational opportunities. (Approx. 10 hours per week, minimum).
  • In collaboration with the Children & Youth Ministry Committee, develop a clearly-defined vision and strategy for discipleship within the Children’s Ministry (birth through grade five) that works in conjunction with the overall vision and ministry of FBC Martinsville.
  • Recruit, train, schedule, and oversee adult volunteers, interns, and paid employees in the children’s ministry, ensuring all established protocols in the FBC Children & Youth Protection Policy are being followed.
  • Develop and implement strategy for whole-family discipleship, working with families to equip and empower parents/families to disciple their children.
  • Provide oversight and planning for all aspects of Children’s Ministry programming, including: Sunday School; Sunday morning Children’s Worship; evening and outreach events, and Curriculum selection/development for all programming.
  • Communicate with church leaders, children’s ministry families, and the entire congregation the story of what God is doing in the children’s ministry (i.e. purpose, value, procedures, and events).
  • Using social media/website/etc. communicate with parents and the wider community regularly about the ministry and mission of First Baptist Church.
  • Connect with other churches and Christian organizations (especially BGAV and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship), using these relationships to enhance the faith journeys and growth of children and their families.
  • Attend appropriate conferences for educational training and spiritual growth.
  • As a ministry team, meet with staff weekly to plan and dream our next steps as a church community.
  • Assist in other ministerial responsibilities, including pastoral care, preaching, baptisms, funerals, etc. as needed.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music or Education (or related field), Seminary degree (M.Div., MACM, MTS, etc.) preferred. Seminary student would be welcomed.
  • Relevant musical experience, including conducting of choirs.
  • Experience in ministering with children and families.
  • Commitment to collaborative and creative ministry and a flexible work environment.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Computer proficiency skills (including use of social media).
  • Physical requirements: General good health and ability to lift 50 pounds; physically active enough to participate in children’s activities and sports.

Submit Resume and Cover Letter to Dr. Libby Grammer,

Nursery Worker

Job Description

First Baptist Church is seeking to hire an additional nursery worker for church worship services and events. This position pays $15.00 per hour.

Reports to: Senior Pastor, Personnel Committee

Relates to: Children & Youth Committee

Job Summary: Provide dependable, safe, and nurturing care for children ages 0-5 during church activities, such as worship, special events, and small group meetings. Provide age-appropriate care including feeding, changing diapers, escorting to the bathroom, etc. For older children, provide age-appropriate activities with play and learning to include Bible stories and faith growth using curriculum provided by the church.

Primary Duties

Organization & Schedule

  • Adhere to all policies and procedures as stated in the Children and Youth Protection Policy and FBC Personnel Manual.
  • Provide a safe, positive, nurturing, and healthy learning environment that helps each child to have a positive and age-appropriate faith growth experience during church time.
  • Create an ordered arrangement, appearance, decor, clean, and productive space.
  • Request, through proper channels, materials and supplies needed for nursery use.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the Early Morning Service. Child care hours include every Sunday 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. You are expected to work all Sundays even if it falls on a holiday. You will have the option to work other church events, i.e. Easter, Christmas, Vacation Bible School, Small Groups, etc. The opportunity for extra work will be announced at least 4 weeks prior to the event. There will always be services on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve. If you choose to work extra at these other events, the hour(s) of the nursery will be specified.
  • Communicate in advance, by phone to the nursery coordinator: 1) any planned absences with an advance two-week notice, or 2) any unplanned absences at least two hours prior to the shift.
  • Meet the children when they arrive.
  • Take down names and cell phone numbers for parents/guardians on the sheet provided.
  • Stay until the children are secured with a responsible adult named on the child’s form.
  • In the event of an emergency, notify the parent via text message.

Care & Learning

  • Provide an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for each child.
  • Comfort distress immediately.
  • Serve as a role model for the children in the areas of attitude, speech, and actions.
  • Meet the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive needs of each child.
  • Create a safe and loving environment where children feel free to explore and take risks.
  • Engage in hands-on activities that introduce new experiences to children.
  • Attend to individual children’s needs while simultaneously taking care of other children.
  • Practice active monitoring at all times when supervising children.
  • Treat each child with dignity and respect for his/her cultural background.
  • Encourage children’s development in the areas of building self-confidence, problem solving, and taking responsibility for their actions.
  • Straighten the room and clean any toys/beds before leaving. Used bed sheets will need to be placed in the dirty linen container and clean sheets are to be placed on the beds. Church staff or the volunteer will be responsible for laundering the sheets. All toys that have had contact with saliva will require special attention. A sanitizing solution will be available to use in the nursery.


  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • 1+ years’ experience working with children.
  • CPR & First Aid certified (or willing to get certified).
  • Ability to be polite, courteous, and friendly with all parents, volunteers, and children.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check and drug screening.
  • Possess a good level of physical fitness.
  • Health requirements: Staff should have the ability to lift a child weighing 40 pounds or run across a room or the playground to catch a falling child. In addition, staff must inform the Personnel Committee Chair or Senior Pastor of any condition which might limit or interfere with their ability to care for a child.

Printable Application (PDF)

Return completed applications to or drop by the church during business hours (9AM to 5PM Monday-Friday) at 23 Starling Ave., Martinsville, VA.

Who Are We and Why Work Here?

First Baptist Church, Martinsville is a community of faith committed to Christ and his call to love God and one another. We gather to worship, study, eat, pray, celebrate, mourn, share our stories and bless our community, all with the conviction that God has called us together to share in this journey of faith, hope, and love.

Established in 1884, our congregation strikes a unique chord in the Baptist tradition. We value ancient Christian practices that inform our present faith and mission. We are currently working to grow our ministry among people of all ages. It’s an exciting time to be a part of all God is doing among the people of this church!

Employment at First Baptist Church is considered an extension of our ministry. We consider employees of the church to be one of its most valuable resources.

If you feel called to partner with us in ministry, we hope you will send your resume today!

First Baptist Church is an equal opportunity employer without regard to sex, age, race, color, national origin, disability, genetic information, and/or any other legally-protected characteristic, except that the Church may make certain employment decisions based on the religious affiliations or beliefs of the church as permitted under applicable law.

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