Book Review: Library of America (LOA) Books from McCabe Library

Book Review:  Library of America (LOA) Books from McCabe Library

Have a little time on your hands to read America’s greatest writings?

Read Library of America (LOA) books!

McCabe Library has several copies of Library of America (LOA) books. LOA, a nonprofit organization, publishes, preserves, and celebrates America’s greatest writing. Its aim is to guide and to make available to readers the exceptional writing that reflects the nation’s history and culture. The older version that McCabe has are easily spotted by the black jackets with large white lettering.  Newly acquired editions have shown up in boxed covers.

If you want to read this book now and can’t order it, our library will gladly loan it to you. Simply come by the church during office hours and we can leave the book out for you to pick up.

When Restrictions are lifted, walk right in to McCabe/Kesler Library and pick and choose!
Just leave us the sign out card on the desk.


Check out books via our New Online Database (Contact our Church Librarian Dottie Lewis if you have any questions

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