Book Review: The Hired Girl from McCabe Library

Book Review:  The Hired Girl from McCabe Library

Have a little time on your hands?

Read The Hired Girl by Laura Schmitz

On a farm in Pennsylvania, motherless fourteen-year-old Joan cooks and cleans for her abusive father and older brothers.  Although Joan is her teacher’s favorite and best student, Joan’s father forbids her an education, burns her beloved books, and, by being rude to her teacher, crushes Joan’s future hope for an education.  As Joan writes in her diary, she pours out her heart as she seeks a new, better life for herself.  Maybe, just maybe, a hired girl making six dollars a week could become a woman with a future.  Feeling doomed, and claiming to be eighteen, Joan runs away from home to Baltimore.  Lost and alone on a park bench, she is rescued by a kind young man and ultimately becomes a hired girl for his Jewish family. During her time as one of the Rosenbach family servants, Joan experiences trials as well as kindness. There is some interesting religious conflict in this book as Joan is Catholic working in a very Hebrew household. When Mr. Rosenbach discovers her love for books and reading, he allows her access to the family library. This helps give her the education she always desired.  This is a wonderful story of determination and willingness to do whatever necessary to achieve – even the wildest of dreams.

If you want to read this book now and can’t order it, our library will gladly loan it to you. Simply come by the church during office hours and we can leave the book out for you to pick up.

When Restrictions are lifted, walk right in to McCabe/Kesler Library and pick and choose!
Just leave us the sign out card on the desk.


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