Book Review: The Secret of Saying Thanks from McCabe Library

Book Review:  The Secret of Saying Thanks from McCabe Library

Have a little time on your hands to read this beautiful children’s book?

Read The Secret of Saying Thanks by Douglas Wood

Douglas Wood has written and illustrated  many beautiful children’s books. He certainly has the touch that appeals to all ages.  A new addition to Kesler is THE SECRET OF SAYING THANKS  While learning the secret to a good life, a child says thank you for the natural world and for being loved, because a grateful heart is always happy. In the inspirational text that made him a bestselling, internationally acclaimed author, Wood offers a spiritual homage to nature and the world. Greg Shed’s stunning portraits of the natural world tenderly portray all of the many ways in which we can say thanks for the wonders we sometimes take granted in life. [E W5 orange in Kesler orange-colored section.]


If you want to read this book now and can’t order it, our library will gladly loan it to you. Simply come by the church during office hours and we can leave the book out for you to pick up.

When Restrictions are lifted, walk right in to McCabe/Kesler Library and pick and choose!
Just leave us the sign out card on the desk.


Check out books via our New Online Database (Contact our Church Librarian Dottie Lewis if you have any questions

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