CBF’s Ukraine Relief Fund

CBF’s Ukraine Relief Fund

Support for Ukraine through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

CBF has provided the following information for assisting the people of Ukraine as they experience the displacement and struggle of war:

“It is hard to imagine what is happening in Ukraine, especially the helplessness we feel in our comfortable lives. Many individuals have asked how they can help.  As you continue to pray for Ukraine and the neighbors welcoming those individuals fleeing, you can also give to help relieve the financial stresses associated with this war.”

How can you help with the crisis in Ukraine? CBF is working in conjunction with our own field personnel and the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) to provide financial relief and emotional support.

GIVE: Simply visit www.cbf.net/ukraine to donate.

Click here to read the latest news from CBF’s presence in Ukraine: http://cbf.net/ukraine-response


Helping Ukraine Refugees – One Story of CBF Field Personnel at Work

CBF Field Personnel Eddie and Macarena Adalpe are currently serving at the border of Ukraine and Slovakia. They have requested specific prayer and support as they serve refugees from Ukraine:

“Please pray for the Ukrainian families that live in our cities. They need assistance themselves and yet they have opened up their homes to receive friends and relatives from Ukraine. Pray for those that have already arrived and are seeking asylum. Pray for those that are on the way. There’s so much confusion and difficult to find a place to rest because of the number of people. Finally, I ask that you pray for those that were not able to leave the country. We ask for their protection.

Thanks to the generous response from so many, CBF has secured this hotel near the border, where we will be receiving those that are seeking refuge and safety from the war.

We will also be establishing a centralized receiving and distribution center in order to secure the delivery of food and supplies wherever they are needed.”



These are some of the locations that Eddie will be traveling to and from the Ukraine border. Eddie will be picking up people taking them to one of these temporary shelters/churches where they can rest up and prepare for their next leg of their journey.







This photo is not from 1941. This is a black & white photo in Ukraine in March 2022.







Family Reunification in Spain


A story of a family being served by Eddie as he got them to Spain to be with family:

“A family of 5, parents and 3 little girls, that are on their way to Spain were trying to go to Romania, but by the time they made it to the front of the line, they got on the train going to Poland. Pray for them and everyone traveling here.

After traveling several days, two women and their small children ending up in the wrong location because no one would help them. They made their way to the place we have been preparing to receive people. They spent the night outside of the building in freezing temperatures because they arrived in the middle of the night and no one knew they were coming. A church member was on his way to church and saw them. He immediately called the pastor, who let them in the building. After sleeping a few hours they received the news that their husbands, who had stayed in Ukraine, had been shot dead. They decided to return to Ukraine to be with family and bury their husbands. I didn’t know why I was taking them to the border. I usually pick people up from the border, not the other way around. Pray for those who have lost family members.

Today, I took a group of guys that are staying here at the hotel to help us finish working on the church building. They wanted to help in appreciation. We spent half a day working together and then I had to go do other things. They returned to the hotel and ate their lunch for dinner. I didn’t return on time and was really tired so I just came to my room. There was a knock at my door and there they were with my plate of food. They wanted to make sure I got to eat. What a wonderful way to end the day.
We may not be able to communicate with words, but we can with acts of kindness.




They have finally arrived in Albacete, Spain, where we serve, and they have been reunited with his sister. This gives a new meaning to planes trains, and automobiles. They have spent more than a week traveling. Thanks to your prayers and generosity, we were able to provide for their travel expenses and room and board. We also providing basic items as they settle in. They left Ukrainian with a few items and the clothes on their backs. Praise be to God 🙌🙌






If you would like to give directly to the work of Eddie and Macarena, please use link below.


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