Church Records Update – August 2019

Church Records Update – August 2019

The Church Office Needs Your Help!

Beginning in August 2019, the Church Office is transitioning to a new record-keeping software. As we move our records, we would like to update them.

If you have a new address, telephone number, cell number, or email address, please let the church office know. If you know of any family members (such as adult children) who may have moved out of town, please let us know this also. For our own records (not to be shared), we need to input all members’ dates of birth as well.

Additionally, if you are not currently a member, but are interested in receiving communications from the church (electronic or paper), please call to provide your current contact information to ensure you receive updates.

Please take a few moments and go over your own records with our church office staff this week! Call the church office at 276-632-6336 or use the Contact page.

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