Congrats to our 2020 ELC Preschool Graduates!

Congrats to our 2020 ELC Preschool Graduates!

COVID-19 may have cancelled our graduation ceremony, but we are still celebrating our Pre-K4 graduates!

Though our normal graduation couldn’t happen as planned in May, our Pre-K4 teachers, ELC Director, and Pastor met with each 2020 preschool graduate to hand them a diploma and put a sign in their yard congratulating them on their accomplishment. One even got to come by the church to celebrate with his friends!

Four of our students are heading into Kindergarten this year, and we couldn’t be prouder! Join us in celebrating our grads!

Our Pre-K4 Graduates for 2020:


Brody Branch

Robert “RJ” Fox



Ella James



Rachel Mabe

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