ELC Art Classes – Winter 2023

ELC Art Classes – Winter 2023

FBC ELC Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 Art Classes

FBC’s own Mary Lewis Johnston, Teacher

Mary Lewis has been an FBC member her whole life. She has a degree in Art & Elementary Education from Mary Baldwin College. She taught Pre-School & Art for 17 years at Carlisle School. She was also the 4-year-old Preschool Teacher & Director at First Presbyterian Church. Mary Lewis loves children’s art an is excited to get back to being with the kids.

FBC ELC is excited to announce that Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes will continue Art classes with Mary Lewis Johnston. Our preschoolers will be exploring art from every aspect, so they will dress for a mess on art class days! Art aprons and supplies will be provided for these classes.

Art Class  Schedule:

February 6th – Pre-K3

February 8th – Pre-K4

February 20th – Pre-K3

February 22nd – Pre-K4

March 6th – Pre-K3

March 8th – Pre-K4

March 20th – Pre-K3

March 22nd – Pre-K4

April 3rd – Pre-K3

April 5th – Pre-K4

April 24th – Pre-K3

April 26th – Pre-K4

May 8th – Pre-K3

May 10th – Pre-K4





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