First Music Academy Lessons – Winter 2021

First Music Academy Lessons – Winter 2021
First Music Academy – Winter 2021

First Baptist’s Music Ministry, led by Minister of Music Becky Collins, wants children and youth to learn music as an art, a discipline, and a way of loving God and neighbor.

Mission Statement: First Music Academy of First Baptist Church Martinsville, Virginia exists to provide music instruction and mentorship in the context and safety of a Christian Community. Its goal is to inspire and equip students to become excellent musicians, outstanding thinkers, and articulate advocates for music for the sake of others, and in service to God.

In addition to music classes for our Early Learning Center, the FMA currently offers private piano and voice instruction by Becky Collins. Lessons are for children age 5 (readers) and up, and adults are welcome as well. Those children and adults who study with the First Music Academy will have opportunities to share their gifts in worship services and recitals in our Sanctuary. The FMA will continue to grow throughout the next year, offering more music instruction opportunities. We are currently looking for a guitar teacher to come on board with the FMA – if you know someone who might be interested, please contact Becky Collins!

Current students are learning piano and voice:

Learning theory, technique, breathing, and much more!

(Note: The book placed on the stomach while lying flat on the back is used for the student to feel the breath being taken into the abdomen instead of the chest. The weight and movement of the book assists in this effort. )

Registration is open!

For all children who are able to read (or are learning and can recognize), private piano lessons will be offered by Mrs. Becky Collins on Tuesday afternoons after virtual learning time. The cost for lessons is $15/half hour and there is a one-time registration fee of $25 to cover the cost of the needed piano book and to secure a spot in the lessons. Lessons are paid for monthly, and parents will contract for three months (12 weeks) of lessons. ELC students have first placement for lessons, and should there be interest from family members or friends, they will be scheduled separately.

In the future, First Music hopes to expand and offer other private music instruction, choral and group music lessons, and more! Come GROW with us at First Baptist’s First Music Academy!

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