Good Friday/Stations of the Cross, April 7, 2023

Good Friday/Stations of the Cross, April 7, 2023

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Good Friday Service

Friday, April 7, 2023

Chatham Heights Baptist Church Sanctuary


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A Service of Good Friday worship, focused on The Stations of the Cross.


From the earliest days of the church, Christians have journeyed to Jerusalem to retrace the path Jesus took as he carried his cross from Pilate’s house to Golgotha. This path has become known as the Via Dolorosa or “Way of Sorrow” St. Jerome (325-420CE) who translated the Bible into Latin wrote of hundreds of pilgrims in Jerusalem who walked this devotional path in his day. Markers were put into place where Jesus started, received the cross, stopped and fell, met his mother, and was assisted by Simon of Cyrene. 


These stations are routinely walked and meditated upon during Lent and especially during Holy Week. Our lives are about following the Way of Christ, including the taking up of our own crosses. The Stations of the Cross trace Jesus’ path from Pilate’s house to Golgotha to his tomb. The stations provide space for worshipers to reflect on the passion of Christ, from the moment of his condemnation to his body being laid rest in the tomb. The image of what’s happening in each station, the meditation on the scriptural narrative, and the prayers uttered, create a spiritual environment that will provide a special place to experience the power and sorrow of the week leading to a joyous resurrection on Easter morning.

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