Happy Birthday Betsy Miers!

Happy Birthday Betsy Miers!

It’s not every day you get to celebrate a dear friend and church member’s 100th birthday!

Betsy Miers, a long-time member of First Baptist Church will turn 100 years old on February 19th. Join us in wishing her a very happy milestone birthday!

Betsy Miers

Here are a few fun facts about Betsy in celebration of her 100th birthday:

  • Betsy was born in her beloved Buffalo Ridge in Patrick County, Virginia and moved to Martinsville with her family. They joined First Baptist in the old building downtown.
  • Betsy began teaching Sunday school when she was still in high school with the Sunbeam Class.
  • After graduating from JMU with an education degree, Betsy served as Sunday School Director and taught in the Junior Department. She was asked by Mrs. Manson to teach the Winsom Sunday School Class and did so for many years.
  • Betsy has held many positions in the church. She was one of the first women deacons in the church, served as WMU President twice, served on the Pastor Search Committee for Dr. McCann, and served on the Personnel, Bereavement, and Head of State Committees.
  • Betsy served in the Baptist association as Director of WMU for Martinsville & Henry County.
  • Betsy took part in the church’s dedication ceremony when the new building was built on Starling Avenue.
  • Betsy gave the first funeral pall to the church in memory of her mother and sister.

If you would like to mail a card, please check your church directory or call the church office for Betsy’s home address. You may also drop off cards at the church office for delivery to Betsy.

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