National Tornado Awareness Day 2020

National Tornado Awareness Day 2020

First Baptist ELC will participate in National Tornado Awareness day on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 9:45 a.m.

As part of our safety requirements, we have regular drills to prepare our children and staff for real emergencies. We practice our emergency preparedness plans in order to keep our children safe. These include Fire Drill (monthly), Shelter-in-place (at least twice per year), and Evacuation Drill – offsite (once per year; this would be when our children are relocated to the Virginia Museum of National History next door).

For National Tornado Awareness day, which is observed by all childcare centers and schools on March 17th this year, the weather sirens will sound throughout the city and we will practice our steps for shelter-in-place for weather.

You may want to speak with your children about this upcoming drill, though our teachers will be preparing them with lesson plans and explanations ahead of time. These drills make sure that we are fully prepared and safe should a real emergency occur, but we will take great care to minimize fear for the children.

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