New ELC Mask Guidelines

New ELC Mask Guidelines

Due to the current cases of COVID rising in Martinsville & Henry County, we have implemented new mask requirements of our teachers and staff, who are wearing masks throughout the day (even in classrooms) whether vaccinated or not.

We are also now implementing a new masking requirement for our School-Age children and Pre-K 3/Pre-K 4 children. Beginning Monday, August 30th, our School-Age children will be wearing masks in the classroom and hallways until pick up time. Pre-K 3/Pre-K 4 children will be wearing masks in hallways and all public areas of the center.

Masks and lanyards will be provided for the Pre-K 3/Pre-K 4 children. We will be laundering them here with our on-site washer and dryer. This will ensure that each child has a mask every day. School-Age children will wear the mask that was worn to school. We can provide a disposable mask if a mask is lost or soiled.

We also recommend all parents wear masks at pickup and drop off, whether vaccinated or not.

We feel these new measures will help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our Center. We will continue to monitor the cases in Martinsville & Henry County. These new policies will remain in effect until further notice.

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