Got a little time on your hands? Read The Ramsay Scallop from McCabe Library

Got a little time on your hands? Read The Ramsay Scallop from McCabe Library

The Ramsay Scallop by Frances Temple [Fic/Tem]

After returning from the crusades Tom, the hero of the story, feels such guilt of the things he saw he is unwilling to marry the “girl back home” that everyone expects him to wed. The girl Elenor had already decided she was not interested in a wedding long before Tom returned.   This Thirteenth century couple are so overcome by their reluctance to marry that the local priest sends them on a pilgrim journey to the Cathedral of St .James in Spain. They are to do penance for the village for the crimes of the crusade. It is a pilgrimage of adventure and danger that teaches many lessons of survival and of faith. Today many pilgrims were still making this journey over the mountains from France to Spain. Since we cannot go right now, take the pilgrimage with Tom and Elenor. The Ramsay Scallop is a most interesting look at 13th Century life. The Ramsay Scallop of the title is the symbol of St. James and a small one is awarded to those who accomplish the trek. This is an easy read, full of adventures that are not expected. The author did great research by the author.

If you want to read this book now and can’t order it, our library will gladly loan it to you. Simply come by the church during office hours and we can leave the book out for you to pick up.

When Restrictions are lifted, Walk right in to McCabe/Kesler Library and pick and choose!
Just leave us the sign out card on the desk.

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