Book Review: Heart Of A Shepherd from McCabe Library

Book Review: Heart Of A Shepherd from McCabe Library

Got a little time on your hands?

Read Heart Of A Shepherd

by Rosanne Parry

Rosanne Parry was born in Oak Park, Illinois She lives in Portland with her family in an old farm house full of books. She writes in a tree house in her back yard. Her first novel Heart of a Shepherd was named a Best Book of the Year by Kirkus Reviews, a Best Children’s Book of the Year by the Washington Post, and a Horn Book Fanfare Book.

This is a gentle, provocative story of a boy named Brother [real name Ignatius Alderman – no wonder he has a nick name! Besides he is the baby brother.] He and his family live on a farm “out West.” When his father is called back in service in Iraq, the young boy must remain at home again to help this grandfather keep the ranch going. He loves the ranch and missies his father. This is a “coming of age” story not quite the usual run of such literature because Brother has special gifts. It was interesting to note, when reading this enchanting book, to note the blend of the lives of the family. Grandmother is a go-every-Sunday Methodist. While Grandfather faithfully drives the family there, he sits outside with his Quaker bible and quietly read. A truly amazing story.

If you want to read this book now and can’t order it, our library will gladly loan it to you. Simply come by the church during office hours and we can leave the book out for you to pick up.
When Restrictions are lifted, walk right in to McCabe/Kesler Library and pick and choose!
Just leave us the sign out card on the desk.


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