Virtual Church

Virtual Church

We take seriously God’s call to love our neighbor, and we want the best for our community, so we have decided to halt in-person worship for the next few weeks. Check out our pastor’s blog about COVID-19 and read our pastor’s full letter to the church about changes to our ministry during this time of social distancing.

What does that mean?

It means we have to be intentional about worshiping together online. Join us each Sunday and Watch Worship Videos. Call those who do not have internet access and see if they would appreciate a copy of the service DVD mailed to them. Check with your friends and be sure they aren’t having trouble connecting. And share our services on social media and via email!

It means we have to be intentional about calling and writing to our friends and neighbors. For those isolated at home, we need to pick up our phones, write cards and letters, or open a video chat. Your deacon will be in touch soon to check in. If you’re able, call and check on your church family and friends in the community.

It means we have to be God’s people even when we aren’t physically together. We are working on a virtual Bible study plan to begin soon. Check your email regularly, call the church office, and get connected!

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