Children & Youth

Children and Youth at First Baptist

We value children and youth as part of our congregation today, and not simply as future participants. Children and youth are encouraged to grow in faith here through education and spiritual formation. Any children and youth who come to First Baptist find a second family of grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, to nurture them through care and education. Families with all ages of children and youth are welcomed, and will be offered care, Bible study, and spiritual formation.

Come and grow with us!

Sunday Morning

Sunday School

Currently, we offer a Children’s Sunday School hour in the Church Nursery with two teachers. Children of all ages are welcome, and as the program grows, the age groups may be split according to developmental learning abilities. All children, from infants to teenagers, are welcome and will be guided during the Sunday School hour.

Worship Care / Nursery

During worship, children under the age of 6 are welcome to come to the worship service, but the church nursery is also available for childcare during the worship hour. Staffed by a minimum of two nursery care workers, the worship care hour can accommodate infants to children aged 5 years.

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