Gratitude Series – Wednesdays in November 2019

Gratitude Series – Wednesdays in November 2019

Our Midweek Check-In continues at noon in the Chapel on Wednesdays in November

This month’s focus will be on the theme of gratitude.

Being thankful is not simply something we do over turkey in November. It’s a Christian way of life we ought to embrace year-round. Theologian Karl Barth said that our basic human response to God is gratitude, not fear and trembling, guilt and dread, but thanksgiving.

And indeed, Scripture agrees. Gratitude is shown as a most human and loving response to a God who provides abundantly. It’s something that flows from our inmost being. It’s part of our worship and part of our giving. It’s part of our deep joy that overwhelms our deepest fears and anxieties. It’s the conscious choice that gives us resilience in the face of trauma.

And when we as a church move from the mindset of an ethical duty of work to the work of grateful hands and hearts, the Kingdom of God expands beyond our own abilities and into God’s abundance.

With all of its good qualities, and with an annual focus on gratitude for our country, for three Wednesdays in November, we as a church will gather midweek in the Chapel (Wednesdays at noon) and learn more deeply about gratitude – what it means, how it affects our Christian lives. And then we will, each week, take home a practical exercise of gratitude we can begin to incorporate into our faith journey more regularly.
Come and gather in gratitude on your lunch hour these three weeks, and grow in deep thankfulness for all that is, becoming the grateful people we are called to be – this day and always.

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