Serving Our Neighbors During COVID-19

Serving Our Neighbors During COVID-19

We are the hands and feet of Christ in this world, and need does not go away during a pandemic. But what does it look like to provide love and care for our neighbors during a time of physical distance?

For some of us, it’s simply calling in to check on our isolated neighbors. It’s writing a card or note to someone who doesn’t get much physical interaction.

But for those of us who can do a little more, we can:

  1. Pick up and deliver groceries for a friend or neighbor
  2. Pick up and deliver medications for a friend or neighbor
  3. Run other errands as needed for a friend or neighbor

All of these can be done with minimal physical interaction (e.g., using grocery pickup services, helping someone set up medication home delivery, or simply leaving items on doorsteps using gloves, etc.).

If you would like to reach out in Christ’s name, our Minister of Music Becky Collins has made for us cards we can print and fill out and leave on our neighbors’ doors or mail to our friends and fellow church members. Click the link below to open and print the cards. You can also pick up a card at the church during office hours (a small stack will be available in the Narthex).

Flyer for Self Quarantine

Let the world know that we are the church, and we are not closed!


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